Filter Out Potentially Objectionable YouTube Video Content with Safety Mode

March 2, 2010 | Filed under Video


YouTube has tons of videos that are really interesting to watch. You can practically spend hours in there watching videos that amazes you. Even if you don’t like to watch video, there has to be something in YouTube that will fascinate you and keep you watching. Since anyone can actually visit YouTube from a computer with an internet connection, parents may worry about their children accessing YouTube and viewing inappropriate videos such as pornography, violent, abuse and etc… To counter this problem, YouTube has came out with a new feature called Safety Mode that enables parental control filtering inappropriate content from users’ search results.

To enable YouTube Safety Mode, just view any video and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see “Safety mode: Off. Clicking on the Off word will enable you to turn on Safety Mode and save the setting. The most important thing is when you turn on Safety Mode without signing in to a YouTube account, this setting can be turned off by anyone at anytime. However if you turned on Safety Mode when you’re logged on, you get the “LOCK” the Safety Mode to prevent others from changing the Safety Mode setting on the current web browser. Once locked, it will remain on even after you sign out.

Obviously this feature is not perfect because a computer savvy user will logically know that YouTube drops a cookie to the web browser to lock the Safety Mode. While it is not foolproof, it helps to minimize access to illicit videos or material in YouTube and help parents to assert some control over their children’s online activity.

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