Filter Out Domains from Search Results in Google Chome

March 29, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google


The search engine is a very useful feature where billions of people uses it every day to find the information they are seeking on the Internet. As useful as it is, the search engine is powered by a crawling bot and indexes accordingly to search keywords. Now there are times when the search results are filled with spammer scraper sites and useless pay pew view pages clogging up the search results. You are only wasting your time and bandwidth opening these fake pages and the way to solve this problem is by filtering out the domains so that you will no longer see them in your search results.

The Search Filter extension for Google Chrome offers such solution. When installed, a delete button will show up next to the URL in your search results. When a domain has been deleted, it is removed from all search results for all search terms. An Options page is provided to remove filters. Currently the search engines that are supported is Google, Bing and Yahoo, the three giant search engine company.

Filter Domains from Search Engine

The filtering takes effect immediately and we are surprised on how fast this extension works. To restore back the filtered domains, you will have to go to the SearchFilter Options window and click the icon that is next to the filtered domain. We also find this useful if we are searching for an information but don’t want to see the Wikipedia’s website dominating the results.

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