Facebook Farmville Bots to Auto Harvest, Plow, Plant, Restore

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FarmVille is a real-time farm simulation game developed by Zynga, available as an application on the social networking website Facebook. The game allows members of Facebook to manage a virtual farm by planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops, trees, and raising livestock. Since its launch in June 2009, FarmVille has become the most popular game application on Facebook.

This game, made in Flash is fun but it requires a lot of work to take care of it. In Farmville, the best way to level up and become rich is to plant seeds that take a short time (2-4 hours) to be ready for harvesting. This means that you would have to plow plant and harvest your farm up to 12 times a day to acheive the best results. For a 24×24 farm this amounts to 576 clicks to plow, 576 clicks to plant and 576 clicks to harvest, repeated 12 times a day amounts to 20,736 clicks! Not to mention the extra clicks require to harvest each animal and tree.

Fortunately there are automation bots that allows you to do your own things while watching how your farm is taken care of instead of never-ending clicking. There is a risk of getting your Farmville account banned if you cheat too obviously with the bots because these farmville bots are able to help you harvest, plow, seed at a very fast illogical speed. Use them with care and make sure you configure it correctly.

free facebook farmville auto bot

I have found a total of 3 free and 1 paid bots, Facebook Farmville automation programmed with AutoIT, Bot for FarmVille and FarmHelper. The paid one is called FarmBot cost $5.99. If you have extra cash to spend, go for FarmBot because it is more advanced and safe to use.

FarmBot Features:

– Auto Harvest
– Auto Plow
– Auto Plant
– Auto Friend Helper
– Auto XP (Soybean + Delete Method)
– Auto Animal and Tree Harvesting
– Works with any farm size and layout
– No need to type anything in. The bot automatically analyzes your farm and skips over houses, animals, decorations etc.
– Automatically closes popup and continues to Farm

– > Official Website

Bot for FarmVille Features:

– Plant crops
– Harvest Crops
– Plow
– Harvest Trees
– Help Neighbors
– Harvest Buildings
– Harvest Animals

– > Download

FarmHelper Features:

– Auto harvest, plow, seed..very fast
– Bot can help your friends
– You can plow much more ridges
– You can expand your farm
– Exchange coins for experience
– Get many ribbons much faster
– Recover some OOS errors
– Buy and sell many objects automatically
– Flash speed hack (CheatEngine speedhack.dll)
– Create snapshots
– Fertilize your neighbors farm and feed their chicken
– Use your tractor to earn the “Lord of the Plow” Ribbon

– > Download

Facebook Farmville Automation Features:

– Harvest whole field
– Plow whole field
– Plant(screen, item) – buys item number ‘item’ (1-6) from screen number ‘screen’ within plants offered in market
– Restore

– > Download


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  1. Jamie says:

    There is also a Mac and PC FarmVille bot in the link above. It’s a nice solution if you’re looking for something simple to use.

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