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Normally people only knows whether they are using Intel or AMD processor and the most they would know is the speed of the processor such as 3GHz and etc. If asked about the system bus, how many cores, what is the L2 cache memory, what technologies comes with the processor, chances are they have no idea about it. Searching in Google for information on that might not reveal accurate information because there are many websites that gives different information and identifying the correct one is nearly impossible.

Before calling up Intel customer support to get more information, the easier method would just to install Intel Processor Identification Utility. This tool is provided by Intel Corporation to enable customers to identify the brand, features, package, intended frequencies and actual operating frequencies of their Intel microprocessor. Customer can also use the utility to discern whether or not an Intel processor is being operated above its Intel rated frequency.

The main features of the utility are available via the menu items at the top of the screen. The frequency test section provides information regarfing the operating status of the selected processor. The CPU Technologies section displays the Intel processor technologies and features present in the selector processor and finally the CPUID Data identifies the Intel processors in the system.

Identify Intel Processor Information

Currently Intel Processor Identification Utility can extract information on the following processors:

Intel Atom(TM) processor
Intel Core(TM) i7 processor Extreme Edition
Intel Core 2 Extreme processor
Intel Core i7 processor
Intel Core i5 processor
Intel Core i3 processor
Intel Core 2 Quad processor
Intel Core 2 Duo processor
Intel Core 2 Solo processor
Intel Core Duo processor
Intel Core Solo processor
Intel Xeon(R) processor
Intel Pentium(R) processor Extreme Edition
Intel Pentium dual-core processor
Intel Pentium D processor
Intel Pentium 4 processor Extreme Edition
Intel Pentium 4 processor
Intel Pentium M processor
Intel Pentium processor
Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor-M
Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor
Intel Celeron(R) dual-core processor
Intel Celeron D processor
Intel Celeron processor
Intel Celeron M processor
Mobile Intel Celeron processor

There are 2 versions of this tool, one is to install and run in Windows and another is the bootable version where you can run this tool without having Windows installed.

Download Intel Processor Identification Utility

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