Encrypt and Secure Files in USB Flash Drive with SecurStick

March 27, 2010 | Filed under Privacy, Security, Software


USB sticks is one of the greatest invention because it is so tiny which makes it very portable and is able to read and copy files at a much faster speed compared to a disc. The only drawback is most of the USB sticks doesn’t come with a security feature where it can stop people from getting the data in the USB flash drive when it is missing. A USB flash drive is small and it is easy to get misplaced. One of the most popular encryption tool that is free is TrueCrypt. However if you are not comfortable in using TrueCrypt because of its advanced features, you can try SecurStick.

SecurStick offers an innovative method of encrypting the data in the USB flash drive and also randomizing the file names. First you download SecurStick, extract the single executable SecurStick.exe file to the root of the USB flash drive. Then run SecurStick. The first time you run SecurStick, you will be asked to create a safe zone with your password. After creating a password, a new window with a mapped drive will open, such as \\ (A:). This is the encrypted zone where you can save the files into this folder and it will be encrypted when you close the SecurStick window. The encrypted file will be stored in the USB flash drive in a hidden folder called encrdata.

SecurStick USB stick encryption

SecurStick doesn’t offer data protection as anyone could delete the files. It is designed to protect your data from being stolen. The map drive will automatically be removed once the computer restarts because it is mapped as non persistent. SecurStick is free and compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Download SecurStick

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