Enable or Disable Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera Thumbnail Preview in Windows 7 Taskbar

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Windows 7 taskbar comes with a lot of improvements and one of it is the convenience of allowing the user to preview the thumbnail of the opened program or files. Useful for some cases but annoying for some. Imagine if you have a lot of tabs or windows opened and the preview thumbnail at the Windows 7 taskbar is going to get over crowded and messy. Windows 7 taskbar preview can easily be disabled but that would mean that you will no longer get thumbnail preview on any programs at all.

Fortunately there are ways to enable or disable thumbnail preview on Windows 7 taskbar just for web browsers so that other programs will not be affected.

To enable or disable Internet Explorer thumbnail preview in Windows 7 taskbar, go to Tools and select Internet Options. At the General tab, click on the Settings button for Tabs and the “Tabbed Browsing Settings” window will appear. The “Show previews for individual tabs in the taskbar” is the option that determines the taskbar preview. Check to show preview and uncheck to disable. Default is checked.

For Firefox browser, type about:config at the address bar and hit enter. Then click the I’ll be careful, I promise! button. Type browser.taskbar.previews.enable at the filter bar and hit enter. Setting the value to false will disable the thumbnail preview and true to enable preview window. The default value is false.

For Opera browser, type opera:config at the address bar and hit enter. Click on User Prefs to expand the tree and look for the Use Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnails at the bottom. By default it is checked and checking this box will enable and uncheck to disable.

There is no way to disable or enable Google Chrome taskbar preview at the moment. Do note that you will need to have Aero enabled in Windows 7 in order to see the taskbar thumbnail preview.


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  1. Mike says:

    To enable thumbnail previews in Google Chrome add this “–enable-aero-peek-tabs” (include the quotes) to the Chrome.exe Target application line in the shortcut properties.

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