Emergency Blank the Screen on Monitor With a Hotkey for Privacy

March 4, 2010 | Filed under Privacy, Software


Windows XP, Vista and 7 comes with a feature where you can hide the desktop icons by right clicking on the desktop, go to View and select Show Desktop Icons. This method is slow and not very useful for cases when you want to just hide your icons immediately when your boss or manager walks past your computer. HideDesktopIcons allows you to easily do just that but then it only hides the desktop icons, not the taskbar and if you have a running program on desktop, that will be visible as well.

AS-Blanker is a simple but useful little program that can be used to quickly hide the contents of the screen. This free application doesn’t have an interface and if you run it, it will be active in background, monitoring for the [PAUSE] key. Pressing the [PAUSE] key on your keyboard will turn the screen into a blank screen which people thinks that the computer is turned off. To restore back the screen, just press the [PAUSE] key again.

You can place this portable tool in Windows Startup and a new function will be added to Windows every time you boot up your computer. It takes around 3MB of memory to enhance your privacy. To kill this app, you will need to end the process from Windows Task Manager. AS-Blanker runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7.

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One Response to “Emergency Blank the Screen on Monitor With a Hotkey for Privacy”
  1. You may also quit the program cleanly by pressing Alt+F4 when the blank screen is visible.

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