Easily Upload Images from Firefox using ImageBot

March 26, 2010 | Filed under Firefox, Imaging


Do you share images a lot? If you do, you probably upload the images that you want to share on some image hosting websites such as imageshack, imgur or photobucket. To upload images, you will have to go to the image hosting website, select browse to look for the images to upload, then wait for it to finish uploading and then only can get the links to the image. If the image is on a website, you will have to first download the image to your computer and then upload it to the image hosting site.

To save you from all the trouble above, you can use an addon for Firefox called ImageBot. ImageBot was created to allow everyone, even your grandma, to upload images with ease for use on forums, websites, and for sharing! It can currently upload to imgur, imageshack and photobucket with login support. Photobucket and ImageShack supports hosting image on an account so you can manage the images that you uploaded, ImageBot uses this feature to allow you to sync and update images.

upload image in a breeze with imagebot

If you simply only want to upload images, by default it uses imgur image hosting and you can upload via right clicking on the image and select Upload Image. If it is a background image, you can select Upload Background Image instead. Finally, if you wish to upload several images that is on your computer, just drag all the images and drop it to the ImageBot window.

The ImageBit window allows you to view all the images that has been uploaded and lets you copy the link of the image, as well as BBcode templates for forums and etc.

Download ImageBot

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