Easily Switch Network Configuration Settings with SwitchNetConfig

March 26, 2010 | Filed under Network, Software


Laptops offers great portability of allowing you to use your own computer whenever you go and can connect to any network such as office, home, university, relative and etc. However every network configuration is different and you might face the annoyance of going to the network adapter to change the settings all the time. Sometimes you may even forget some of the important information which setting it wrong and you won’t get fully connected to the network.

To overcome this problem, SwitchNetConfig allows you to create profiles and save them to a profiles.xml file so that you can easily switch between ip configuration such as IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS, and even Internet Explorer proxy settings. By default a few profiles has already been created but they must be configured to work with your network. Simply click the drop down menu of the Profile and enter the information on the appropriate boxes.

Switch Network Configuration

Whenever you want to switch network profiles, simply select it from the drop down and click the Activate Profile button which will automatically and instantly set the configurations. SwitchNetConfig is only 72KB in size, free and it requires .NET Framework to run.

Download SwitchNetConfig

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