Easily Search YouTube Videos from Google Chrome Browser

March 28, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google, Video


YouTube is the best video hosting websites with a lot of interesting videos. Because of this, there are many software or even browser extensions that allows users to easily search for videos without going to the YouTube website. Although there are some useful extensions for Chrome to search for YouTube, one of the easiest and best way is to map a key to search the Youtube using the Chrome Omnibox feature.

For example, we can map the key “y” at the address bar then the words that appear after the letter would be the search keyword in youtube. You can of course change the key to another letter of your choice but using the letter Y is easier to remember because youtube starts with Y.

Chrome Omnibox search youtube

1. Right click at the address bar or Chrome calls it Omnibox and select Edit Search Engines.
2. Click the Add button and enter the following information below and click OK.

Name: YouTube
Keyword: y
URL: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%s&page={startPage?}&utm_source=opensear

3. Click the Close button to close the Search Engines window.
4. To search for YouTube videos, press the letter y at the address bar followed by the search keyword. For example “y guitar tutorial

This method is fast and it doesn’t require installation of any extra extension that will put extra load to the Chrome browser.

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