Easily Obtain Computer Information from Newbies for Tech Support

March 6, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Online Service


Most computer technician nowadays doesn’t need to travel to another location just to take a look at some computer problems. With remote access software such as CrossLoop and TeamViewer, a technician can just sit on his computer and connect to the remote computer via internet and move the mouse and control the keyboard from his hardware. However before starting a remote support session, clever technicians would ask for important information on the user’s computer first. Information such as the operating system, screen resolution, web browser, browser size, ip address, color depth, javascript enabled or disabled, flash version and cookies enabled or disabled are VERY important.

Problem is, most newbies can’t tell you the answer to those questions as probably they have never heard of those terms. To depend on them to check on those information are time consuming and the easier way is just ask them to open their web browser, and visit the Support Details website.

Once opened, the website uses javascript to extract the information and display it on screen. The user can either read the details to the technician or can just send the details to the technician via email with the built-in feature located at the top of the page. If you are preparing some kind of report, you can also extract the information and save them as CSV or PDF format.

extract computer information online

Support Details Website

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