Easily Modify MP3 Bitrate Quality to Reduce File Size

March 11, 2010 | Filed under Audio


MP3 is already a lossy compression which gives a pretty good quality of an audio sound while the file size is considerably small. However if you want to reduce the file size of an MP3 even more, the only way is to reduce the bitrate and frequency plus setting it to mono from stereo. One of the reason why someone would want to reduce the quality to get a smaller size is they want to provide a full sample of the music and if people likes it they will want to buy the good quality music. Another reason is probably that person is running a game server with custom sound and ambient music and the quality of the sound is not important because what matters is the player is able to finish downloading the MP3 files faster and play the game.

Modify MP3 Quality Compress Size

MP3 Quality Modifier is probably the easiest and fastest to use application that is free to modify the bitrate, modus and sample frequency to reduce the MP3 file size. The application itself is shocking small at only 300KB in size. If you have no idea what rate you should be using, it already comes with presets of high quality, portable, compromise and very low quality.

I’ve tested modifying a MP3 file that is 4.33MB in size using the very low quality preset. The conversion process took only 2 seconds and it reduced a whopping 74.55% of file size. Listening the music does have slight difference but if you do not have really good speakers, you wouldn’t notice much difference.

Download MP3 Quality Modifier

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