Easily Manage Local User Accounts from Another Computer in Domain

March 5, 2010 | Filed under Software


There are two types of user accounts which is local and domain. The advantage of using domain user account is that you can login to any computers in the network with your account and still see your files and desktop. Moreover, the administrator management is also easier because they don’t need to create all the user accounts on every computer. All they need to do is just create one single account on the server and manage it from there.

However, a local user account is also required on a computer so that you can log in locally and perform maintenance. Chily User Management software is aimed to help administrator at managing user accounts within the Domain. Apart from managing and providing information about local user accounts, the software also allows the administrator to reset the local user password and enable or disable account status. This freeware supports administrator in taking complete control of the local user accounts of their domain users.

Manage Local User Account from Network

Chily User Management is enterprise level software for Active Directory that eliminates the need to manage user accounts locally. As an administrator, you can use the software remotely to enable, disable the accounts and reset their passwords. Designed to manage local user accounts in the Domain proficiently, Chily User Management software displays information regarding any user account in a particular network. Though to fetch the information about a particular user account, it is important to type the user credentials. After typing the username and password in the relevant fields, administrator can view the existing user accounts of the selected user.

To use Chily User Management, you will have to browse for the computer name that is on the domain, then log in. If you entered the correct logon credentials, you can now select the user whose password needs to be reset or enabled/disabled. This tool is free and it makes the administrator job easier.

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