Easily Flip and Rotate Video for Free

March 25, 2010 | Filed under Software, Video


A video camera can capture precious moments but if given to a person that does not know how to handle it properly, you will end up with videos that is upside down and it is impossible to view the video at such position. The only way you are left with is to rotate or flip the video using Free Video Flip and Rotate software.

This free application allows you to rotate video or flip video with one mouse click. The interface has 7 predefined presets that allows you to rotate 90 clockwise, 180, 90 counter-clockwise, horizontal, vertical, vertical and rotate 90 clockwise and vertical and rotate 90 counter-clockwise.

free flip and rotate video

We have tested the rotation of a 45 minute AVI video at 330MB and the whole process of rotating a video didn’t really took that long although at first it does looks like it will take a long time. Every second only completes 0.04% and by calculating it should take 41.6 minutes to complete rotation the video but it finished much earlier before reaching 100%. This video flipping software is very basic without much options. You can’t pause the process while the video is flipped or rotated, you can’t specify the output format or what codec to use. Nevertheless, Free Video Flip and Rotate is a very simple to use software that works.

Download Free Video Flip and Rotate

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