Easily Copy or Move Multiple Files and Folders to New Destination with File Bucket

March 12, 2010 | Filed under Software


There are times when we just didn’t need to use backup software to transfer files. One example is when you have purchased a new hard to make it a secondary drive and store files, you could manually go to folder by folder and move or copy them to your new hard drive. That would work except it takes a lot of time and after simultaneously moving a few files or folders, the whole process slows down because your hard drive could only handle copying so much data at one time.

An easier way would be using a portable software such as File Bucket, where you can browse through all the files on your hard drive and select the folders and files that you want to move to. File Bucket automatically queues the files or folders that you want to copy and move and auto perform the task when you click the “Process files” button. Filters is also supported in this program

File Bucket queue files or folder to move or copy

If you don’t want to move the files just yet, you can use File Bucket to print the list of files or folders that you’ve added to a text file together with absolute or relative paths.

Download File Bucket

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