Easily Configure and Use Synergy to Share Keyboard and Mouse with QSynergy

April 16, 2010 | Filed under Software


We have previously covered Synergy++ which is an updated version of the old and outdated Synergy. It is a very useful free software that allows you to share a single keyboard and mouse to multiple computers. By doing this, you save space, money and also keeping your computer desk tidy without all the cables. Synergy++ works well IF you are able to configure it correctly because it is seriously lacking of an easy configuration window.

Because Synergy is open source, Fidra Software has taken the initiative to modify Synergy source code to make it easy to use and call it QSynergy. QSynergy comes with easy to use, yet comprehensive, graphical interface to access all of synergy’s powerful features without having to edit a configuration file. You can run synergy as client or server and also with an existing configuration or create your own.

Qsynergy configures Synergy

QSynergy is a Synergy configurator and you will still need to have Synergy installed. Setting up as a client is very easy, just enter the computer name of the server and click Start. As for being a server, select Interactively configure synergy and then click the Configure Server button. Click on the monitor at the top right and drag it to the grid where the computer is currently located at. When done, click OK button and then click Start.

QSynergy is free and supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Download QSynergy

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