Easily Combine or Split PDF Files Online for Free with ILovePDF

March 23, 2010 | Filed under Online Service


PDF files are meant for viewing and printing but not for editing. Many eBooks are also printed in PDF format because it has encryption to protect against editing and etc although there are ways to decrypt it. Sometimes you will end up wanting to merge or split PDF files because some of the pages are unnecessary which makes the PDF file size bigger or you find it too troublesome to keep multiple PDF files with the same subject.

Merging or Splitting PDF files normally is not easy unless you have those PDF editing tools. If you simply want to do either of the task, installing a software for is might just seemed a little unnecessary. Thanks to ILovePDF, a website that offers a free service to combine and split PDF easily by uploading the PDF files.

Merge and Split PDF online

There are some restrictions on the merging and splitting of PDF files from ILovePDF. First, each PDF file can only weigh up to 8MB and not more than that. Merging can only be done on 10 PDFs at a time and the link of the merged PDF file will be available for 15 minutes and auto deleted after that.

Merge and Split PDF with ILovePDF.com

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