Easily and Quickly Send Link to a Gmail as Bookmark Alternative

March 13, 2010 | Filed under Email, Firefox


The web browser offers a bookmark feature where you can save the link of a webpage that you visit so you can revisit that website again without memorizing the whole URL. Another method that can be used as bookmark is your webmail. Gmail offers a lot of space which you will never probably finish using them as the space are kept on being increased every second. Even when you are at work, saving websites that you love to visit in your bookmark is not such a good idea because the administrator could login to your computer and check if you have any offensive bookmarks.

What you can do is send the links to your webmail such as gmail so you can access them even when you are not on your computer. You can create a bookmark folder on your gmail and move all the links that you sent to yourself into that folder, making it an online bookmark in your webmail!

If you are a Firefox user, you should install this extension called Email YourSelf!. It allows you to easily email yourself the link, title, and a selected summary of the webpage you are viewing using Gmail. Instead of typing gmail.com, log in, go to Compose, type the email address, subject and include the link in the body, Email YourSelf! automates nearly everything.

After installing Email YourSelf! plugin, go to Tools, Add-Ons and click the Options button for Email YourSelf!. First you need to set your GMail Address which is where you are going to send the email address to. In fact you can also set a different email address instead of Gmail. As for the Personal Identification Message, it is a message where this plugin embeds to the subject to be used on filter. You can for example, use [BOOKMARK] and create a filter to move every emails containing the subject [BOOKMARK] to bookmarks folder.

After you’ve configured Email YourSelf!, you can use the hotkey CTRL+ALT+TILDE (The tilde key is normally located at left side of number 1 and the sign is ~) which will auto opens your Gmail and key in all the necessary information. All you need to do then is to click the Send button.

Download Email YourSelf!

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