Easily Add Program to Windows 7 Startup with AutoEx

March 14, 2010 | Filed under Software


Some software has the option to turn on or off the ability of auto start with Windows. But for programs that doesn’t have this feature and you want it to autostart, the easiest method is just to drop the shortcut to the Startup folder that you see in the Start Menu.

The above method works and it has its limitation that is the program will only auto start when the specific user account is logged on. If you are logged in to another user account, the program would not auto start. A small and simple tool that can assist a user in adding any programs to Windows startup is by using AutoEx. It is a portable software that doesn’t require installation and runs on .NET Framework. You are able to select whether to startup with the current logged in user or for all user. Secondly, you can set if the program should auto start every time or just for once. Finally, select the file that you want to to run during Windows boot up and click Start.

auto add to windows startup

AutoEx is a very simple program that only adds any programs you define to Windows Startup. It does not have the ability to view what you have added before and also it cannot remove the programs that you have added with AutoEx. Other than that, it also lacks of command line arguments support as some program requires extra switches.

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