Easily Add Open Command Prompt Here Without PowerTools

April 9, 2010 | Filed under Software


Command prompt is very useful for advanced users because it is faster and can perform batch functions without requiring much knowledge of programming. Opening command prompt by typing cmd at the run command or from the Start menu goes to the user directory by default and if you are looking to access other areas, you will have to change directory (CD) multiple times until you get to the path you want. We have previously shared a few methods to add a right click command where you can launch command prompt window from the folder where you right click on.

The first method was installing the famous PowerToy which adds the right click open command prompt function. Second method was to manually create the registry file and merge it to your registry. There is also a third party software called Windows 7 Little Tweaker that adds Command Prompt Here.

Here is yet another free and easily tool that can add the right click open command prompt with one click made by IntelliAdmin. Just run the tool, and by default Install this feature is selected if it is not installed and click the Apply button. Now when you right click on any folder, you will have an additional menu selection “Open Command Prompt Here”. Clicking on it will open command prompt and automatically changing the directory to the folder where you selected.

Right Click Command Prompt DOS

Download OpenCommandPromptHere

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