Easily Access and Search Bookmarks in Google Chrome

April 6, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google, Tips & Tricks


If you have been using Google Chrome browser for a while, one of the inconvenience you would notice is the lack of convenience for you to access your bookmarks. You must manually select always show bookmarks bar in the Settings icon to show the bookmarks in the toolbar. As for the Bookmark Manager, it is a huge window that lists all your favorites and it is not very convenient for daily opening of your favorite sites from the bookmarks. Here is a tip on how you can easily access your bookmarks in Google Chrome.

Right click the Google Chrome shortcut and select Properties. At the target box, add -bookmark-menu at the end and click OK to close the Google Chrome Properties window. Now when you open Google Chrome web browser, you will notice a folder icon with a star added to the end of the URL address bar where normally all the Chrome extensions icons are. Clicking on the bookmark icon will show a drop down list of all the bookmarks and lets you easily access them.

Chrome Bookmark Access

To search for bookmarks in Chrome, the omnibox already supports auto searching bookmarks when you type anything on it. If you didn’t know, the omnibox is the address bar and Google gave a cool name for it just like what Firefox called it AwesomeBar. The method shown above is the best because you don’t need to install any additional extension which could take up extra memory usage.

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