Download Website for Offline Browsing with Firefox FireMirror Extension

April 2, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


Downloading a website for offline browsing requires a special software crafted to auto crawl the links depending on the configured depth and changing the links to reflect locally instead of going back to the official webpage on the Internet which requires internet connection. Some of the popular shareware that can do this is Offline Explorer and Teleport which are sophisticated with advanced configurations for bot crawling.

You can now download websites using Firefox by installing an extension called FireMirror. We find it interesting that even Firefox can now download the whole website and convert the pages for local offline browsing. This FireMirror extension is however an experimental and could contain bugs and instability.

After installing the FireMirror plugin, right click on any page that you want to crawl and download, then select “Use FireMirror to Download” > Launch Using Default Profile(test). The initial URL will be automatically filled in the FireMirror window and you will need to set the destination directory of where the offline webpages going to be saved to. Click the browse button for the Destination Directory and set it. Then click the Start Download button which will start downloading the webpage. If you want the offline bot to crawl deeper, the maximum value you can set is 10.

Download websites offline browsing

FireMirror is a great concept and if given more time, it would probably be more stable and more features being implemented.

Download FireMirror

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