Download Webroot Window Washer 2010 v6.5.5 Full Version for Free

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Whenever you start using your computer, you are actually revealing a lot of personal information. The websites that you visit, the auto complete data that you type in to the text boxes, software that you installed, chat logs, files downloaded and many more. Caches are meant to make things easier and faster for a Windows user but overtime it can also pose as a privacy threat if a hacker or another user uses the computer.

Most applications allows you to clear the history data from the program options but it won’t be an easy job if you have installed many third party software plus Windows also has traces of what you have done on the computer. Encryption is pretty useless even if you protect your files because the temporary files that are frequently stored on your computer do not contain any encryption.

Download Window Washer 2010

One easy way to delete any or all of these traces of your activity is by using Webroot Window Washer. When you run Window Washer the first time, it detects programs and paths that it can safely clean and by going to the Wash tab and click the Start button, it takes merely seconds to wash off your internet tracks and other traces of recent computer activity left by Windows and other software. It is possible to schedule for auto washing and also free space washing.

Webroot Window Washer 2010 v6.5.5 normally cost $29.95 for 1 year on 1PC but you can download the full setup installer at the link below. No registration key code require to activate the program since it is a full version.

Download Webroot Window Washer 2010

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