Download Standalone Google Chrome for Offline Installation

April 10, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google


Google Chrome is one of the fastest and lightest web browser developed by Google and is free for everyone to use. The official website to download Google Chrome is and clicking the Download Google Chrome button redirects you to download a small 550KB ChromeSetup.exe file. Unfortunately that 550KB file is merely a web installation of Chrome which attempts to download the latest version from Google’s server. There are pros and cons about this, the good thing is it always lets users to download the latest version and the bad thing is it cannot be used as offline installation for networks.

The Chrome web installer will download an approximate 12MB of file to install Chrome and if you have hundreds of computers in a network, you will need to consider the offline version of Chrome installer. The official webpage to download Chrome browser says nothing about where to download the full version of Google Chrome that don’t require an active internet connection to install.

Searching in the Google Help area reveals that Google doesn’t call it an offline or standalone installer but instead a Chrome Alternate Installer. The Chrome Alternate Installer is in fact the full version of standalone installer that can install directly without internet connection. You can download the full version of Chrome from the link below.

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