Download NetLimiter 3 Beta 8 With Traffic Statistics Plugin

March 29, 2010 | Filed under Network, Software


There are many internet and bandwidth monitoring tools but very seldom we can find a software that can monitor a specific process or application network usage. By default Windows 7 has a Resource Monitor where you can monitor a process network activity showing the sent and received bytes per second but it doesn’t support saving of the network usage to determine how much bandwidth is being used by a process.

NetLimiter is a powerful bandwidth shaping tool which comes with a couple of useful features such showing a list of all applications communicating over network it’s connections and transfer rates and the stats module is intended for long-term measurement of internet traffic.

NetLimiter 3 beta has been out for quite some time for full Windows 7 compatibility with the first beta testing release of public version on May 2009. Currently NetLimiter 3 is still in beta but at a much later stage with a lot of bug fixes and new features added. The latest NetLimiter 3 beta 8 has added the long awaited Stats plugin to able to browse your internet traffic history.

NetLimiter 3 Traffic Statistics

All you need to do is select a process from the NetLimiter’s list, right click on it and select Show Stats. We have tested it and it works but it gets a little slowing loading the different date of stats. Users that has purchased NetLimiter 2 license after 25.11.2008 will be able to use the same registration name and registration code to register NetLimiter 3 Pro. If not, you will be able to use a free 64 days trial.

Download NetLimiter 3 Beta 8 with Stats

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