Download Full Picasa Web Albums via RSS Updates

April 2, 2010 | Filed under Imaging, Software


Picasa Web contains many public photos which can be viewed or downloaded for free but if you want to download the whole album, it is going to take a lot of hard work because you have to open the full image and then right click to save it on your hard drive. There are many ways and applications that enables a user to automate downloading photos from Picasa Web Albums.

One of the way is by using Picasaweb Album Downloader which is a lightweight Java application that can be run on any operating system as long as Java is installed to download the full albums from Picasa Web. There are 2 warnings when you try to run this Java application which is it tries to go online and the digital signature cannot be verified. Just ignore the errors and allow the Picasaweb Album Downloader to run.

Picasaweb Album Downloader

You will be asked to enter URL address of the photo album RSS feed. In every Picasa Web album, you will find an RSS icon on the right pane, just above report abuse and report issue to owner. Copy the RSS link and paste it to the downloader and click Download. The program then asks you to select the location where you want to save the photos.

We noticed two problems with Picasaweb Album Downloader which is it sometimes unable to download all the photos from album and the photos that is saved does not have an extension and you must manually add the JPG extension to allow your default image viewer to open the image. The program was last updated on November 2008, and probably that explains the bug that we are experiencing during testing.

Download Picasaweb Album Downloader

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