Download Free Nero 9 Lite to Burn Data and Copy Disc

March 27, 2010 | Filed under Software


Nero is one of the most well known disc burning software company because whenever you buy a cd/dvd writer, it comes with an OEM licensed version of Nero for free. As for now, they no longer provide that and they offer a free version called Nero 9 Essentials where everyone can download and use the Nero 9 burning engine where a lot of features has been removed leaving only the data burning and disc copying feature intact.

Even after providing a free version of Nero 9, Nero still didn’t gain much popularity in fact, it received many criticism that this software is unnecessary since there are many other alternatives which is free and offers much more features.

The Lite version of Nero has always been around unofficially made by people who removed the unnecessary features from the full version of Nero 9 Reloaded and leaving the useful features in it. Nero then renamed Nero 9 Essentials to Nero 9 Lite, hoping to gain back more search results and popularity to get more people to use it.

Download Free Nero 9 Lite

Nero 9 Lite is still pretty much the same as the essentials version where Data Burning and Copy Disc feature is available to use. The other tabs such as Audio Ripping, Autobackup and etc in Nero SmartStart cannot be used and clicking on them will prompt you to upgrade to the full version of Nero 9 Reloaded suite. If you are interested in using Nero 9 just for data burning, you can grab it from the link below. Just enter an email address and click the Download button.

Download Nero 9 Lite

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