Download Comodo Internet Security 4 with Integrated Sandbox

March 6, 2010 | Filed under Security, Software


Comodo Internet Security (CIS), developed by Comodo Group, is an all-in-one Internet security suite available for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7. It is the worlds most famous security software that currently includes a firewall, a HIPS, antivirus software, and buffer overflow protection on all applications. It is widely being used in home, corporate companies and educational facilities because the terms of usage all these usage. Unlike the popular free AVG and Avira, they can only be used in home and using it in education or corporate is violating their terms of usage.

Comodo has released a major update version 4 yesterday and it includes many new features and also enhancements. The new features that are included in Comodo Internet Security 4 are livePCsupport integration, user interface theme, web based installer and integrated sandbox. The features that got improved are the default deny protection, significantly fewer number of popup alerts, the popup alerts layout, antivirus engine and also a command line virus scanner.

Download Comodo Internet Security 4

Since this is the first major version released, there is bound to be bugs that are not found during the beta test. Some users are holding off their download for the time being and wait for a newer build that would make it more stable.

You can download the latest Comodo Internet Security 4 using their single web installer, or if you prefer a direct download link, you can download the 40MB offline installer for 32bit and 64bit.

I found that the Comodo Sandbox feature is a little annoying. I was trying to install a legitimate program and it stopped from me from installing. Other than that, somehow Comodo Internet Security v4 stop my screen capture program from working. By default Defense+ now automatically sandboxes all unknown applications or executables until they are analyzed. That explains why I couldn’t install the software that I was trying to.

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