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March 26, 2010 | Filed under Google, Software


Google Maps is one of the service offered free to everyone by Google. With Google Maps, we can all search for the direction and location by typing the address or even the name of the hotel. The best part is even if you spelled the address wrongly, Google Maps is able to suggest you the correct spelling and bringing you to the correct location. As useful as it is, Google Map can only be used online and not offline. If you are somewhere in a location without an Internet connection, Google Map is useless and you will have to rely on a GPS that is able to work with the satellite.

GMapCatcher changes this by downloading the map tiles automatically and displaying them on the program. User can view the maps while offline. To download the map offline so that you can view it without an Internet connection, type the address or point of interest at the search bar and click OK. If you got the correct location you are looking for, then click the Download button. You can specify the area within the POI that you want to download, for example, if you want to be around that area, then specify a higher width and height. You can also specify the minimum and maximum zooming for the map.

GMapCatcher downloads google maps offline

By default GMapCatcher downloads from Google Maps but you can go to Settings and change the map service to use Google, OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, Yahoo, InformationFreeway, OpenCycleMap, Google Map Maker and Virtual Earth.

GMapCatcher is free and because it runs on python, it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Download GmapCatcher

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