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March 7, 2010 | Filed under Software


Even kid grows up with a comic action hero and even if the kid has never read or owned a comic book, surely he or she has watched cartoon on television that is based on comic books. Some of the popular comic books are spiderman, superman, x-men and etc… There is no age limit when it comes to reading comic books because hundreds of new comics are being published every year. Comic books has been digitalized for easy availability compared to going to a comic store and end up your favorite comic book sold out. Subscribing to multiple online comics can be annoying, but a software called Comical made it all easy.

Comical is a comic downloader and viewer that utilizes a custom-built framework for the parsing and downloading of comics from websites. The framework uses an open XML format that allows anyone to add support for additional comics.

Download comics offline

There is full support for comic archiving and browsing. If archiving is enabled (within the Settings window), Comical will archive any downloaded comics; these comics can then be browsed as required via the navigation buttons located in the top-right of the main application window.

The original version of Comical was merely a testing harness used for creating the framework that powered the main web-comic download and parsing functionality; version 0.90 Alpha has since had its interface completely rewritten to be more user-friendly and will continue to be improved upon in future updates.

The good thing about using Comical to download comics are they can be read offline at any time on your computer without having an active internet connection. You can also share these comics with your friends who couldn’t afford a computer or an internet connection.

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