Don’t Sleep Prevents Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Standby in Windows 7

April 5, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows


There are times when you want to keep your computer running because you are running some critical software that needs to be active. The last thing you want is your wife or your kids to think that you are no longer using the computer and helps you to shut down the computer. You can either leave a note informing not to shut down the computer or simply disable the Shutdown or Restart in Windows Start menu.

Don’t Sleep is a small and tiny software that is able to block the standby, hibernate, shutdown, logoff, and even screen saver and turning off monitor with a single click. It does not modify your system files as it only hooks the Windows API and blocks the commands which means Don’t Sleep must be running and active or else it won’t block the shutdown, restart and etc.

don't sleep block shutdown and restart

We have tested Don’t Sleep in Windows XP and it worked perfectly. The shutdown, restart, hibernate or standby wouldn’t do anything if you click on it. However for Windows 7, it works a little differently. If you have Windows Aero enabled, when trying to shut down, restart or do anything that is blocked with Don’t Sleep, you will be presented with a dark colored screen saying (Waiting for) Don’t Sleep 1.13. This program is preventing Windows from logging off / shutting down / restarting. Blocking of logoff didn’t work in Windows 7 when AERO is enabled. If you are running on Windows 7 Basic, then Don’t Sleep will not work. Hopefully the developer of Don’t Sleep realizes this and finds a fix for this issue.

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One Response to “Don’t Sleep Prevents Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Standby in Windows 7”
  1. Claudia says:

    To Windows-7 / Vista: (Waiting for) Don’t Sleep

    The standby mode under Vista and Windows 7 may be initiated manually, but the time controlled (by timeout) standby mode worked perfectly.

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