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The only reason why we would ever need to convert a file format is when the other party do not have the proper software to view or open the file that you want to send. Due to some restrictive environment, some workplace do not allow the computer to install third party software. The only solution is to either convert the file to an extension that can be open or get the person to upload the file somewhere where it can be viewed online without installing anything.

DocsPal offers both features of converting between multiple file formats and also viewing the files by uploading it to their servers for free. Current DocsPal supports 14 different type of document formats, 8 different types of images and 7 archive formats. To convert, all you need to do is browse for the file and select the format that you want to convert to and click the Convert button. You have the option to send the download link to the converted file to your email.

view and convert files online

To view a file online if you do not have the proper software to open the file, click on the View tab, browse the file on your computer and click View. It is unclear what types of file formats is supported for view because we tried uploading a PDF file and it mentioned that this format is not supported.

The converted files are kept for 5 days and will be deleted from the servers. As for the original file, it will be instantly deleted after the conversion for privacy reasons. The maximum size that you can upload for a document is 20MB and 50MB for archives.

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