Disable Windows Error Reporting (WER) in Windows 7 for Privacy

March 18, 2010 | Filed under Privacy, Windows 7


The error reporting in Windows Vista and 7 is very different is compared with XP. In Windows XP when a program has crashed, you get a window asking you to Send Error Report or Don’t Send. But when it comes to Vista and Windows 7, you get to choose whether to “Check online for a solution and restart the program” or just simple “Restart the program”. What most people doesn’t realize is when the user clicked on “Check online for a solution”, Windows automatically collects information from your computer that describes the problem and then creates a problem report which will be sent to Microsoft.

disable windows error reporting

By default Windows 7 is configured to ask the user before checking for solutions that is why you get to choose whether you want to restart the program or check online for solution. If you are worried about your privacy, you can disable Windows Error Reporting so that you won’t accidentally click on the Check online for solution button which sends your computer information to Microsoft.

To disable Windows Error Reporting (WER) in Windows 7, go to Control Panel and select Action Center. Then click “Change Action Center settings” at the left pane. Scroll right to the bottom and click Problem reporting settings link. Select “Never check for solutions (not recommended)” to totally disable error reporting and you will no longer see “Check online for a solution and restart the program” when a program crashes.

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