Disable Windows 7 Auto Restart When System Crash

March 19, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


Starting from Windows XP up till Windows 7, whenever Windows crashes with blue screen, your computer will automatically restart. This is enabled by default and we believe Microsoft made it that way so your computer can be used immediately without you thinking of what to do next. This can get annoying because you might have some data that is not saved and auto restarting due to other problems can cause your data loss and corruption. As for computer users that are more experienced and wants to check on the problem before restarting, this feature can be disabled.

To disable Windows 7 auto reboot when the system crashes, right click on My Computer and that would bring to System. At the left pane, click on Advanced System Settings which should now open a System Properties window. Go to the Advanced tab if you are not already there, and click the Settings button for Startup and Recovery. Uncheck the checkbox for “Automatically restart” and click OK.

Disable Windows 7 Auto restart blue screen

Windows 7 will still write an event to the system log and create memory dump when your system crashes but it won’t be automatically restarted. The memory dump can then be analyzed with WhoCrashed.

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