Disable the Annoying Blue Accelerators Button on Internet Explorer 8

March 23, 2010 | Filed under Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer might not be the most popular web browser anymore because it has taken over by Mozilla Firefox. However a big number of users are still using Internet Explorer. Microsoft has developed a new feature called Accelerators in the latest Internet Explorer 8 where it allows shortcut for you to blog, email, search location, search with Bing, and translate for a word or sentence that you highlight on the browser. On previous version of IE that does not have Accelerators, the user needs to go through a few steps to do such function but not all it takes is a single click.

Disable IE8 accelerators

By default the installed Accelerators are Blog with Windows Live, E-mail with Windows Live, Map with Bing, Search with Bing and Translate with Bing. As you can see all the services used points to Microsoft’s services. If you prefer to use other services from Google, you can find them in IE8 add-ons gallery: Accelerators.

As useful as it is, some people might not need this IE8 accelerators feature and highlighting a word or sentence will show the blue color Accelerators icon might be annoying. The IE8 accelerators can be easily turned off by going to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab and uncheck Display Accelerator button on selection at Browsing.


4 Responses to “Disable the Annoying Blue Accelerators Button on Internet Explorer 8”
  1. tim says:

    Thank you
    I very much hate that annoying box

  2. Jerry says:

    I finally found this option myself today – then googled and found your discussion here, as well. What a nasty annoyance that button is. I never even recognized it as a button due to its semi-transparent appearance – I only saw it as a chronic impediment to reading nearby content, since I frequently use highlighting simply to mark where I have left off reading text in a browser window, and that button always obscured what I was trying to read. Oh, how I have cursed that *(&)##*(&)#(@& button – for as long as I’ve been using IE 8 but never knew how to get rid of it before. I will share this tip with others. Thank you for posting it here.

  3. jim reed says:

    one step backwards with the dreaded “ribbon”?

  4. Dan says:

    Thank you! I have a reading disorder where my eyes jump around without guidance (highlighting text)… I can’t tell you how annoying this “Accelerator” button was. It should be renamed to the “decelerator” or “blocker” button.

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