Determine if Hard Disk Drive is SATA or PATA Interface

April 9, 2010 | Filed under Software


Most notebooks and laptops are still commonly using the 5400RPM hard drive which doesn’t spin fast enough and makes local database application such as Firefox loads pretty slow. Firefox has started to use SQLite database and overtime the database gets really big and generally crawls. Upgrading hard disk drive will improve the performance of the computer if you can get a 7200RPM or if you can afford it, go for the solid state drive (SSD) which is able to boost the computer’s performance as much as a few folds.

Switching a hard drive is easy, all you need to do is unscrew the current hard drive and replace it with a new one and reinstall Windows or restore it back using imaging if you have previously made a backup. The only thing that you need to be sure before upgrading your hard drive is to make sure if your drive is using the SATA or PATA interface. Obviously most of the newer computers comes with SATA but it is better to double check so you won’t buy the wrong hard drive that is not compatible with your current computer.

One easy way to determine if your current hard drive is SATA or PATA interface is by using HDDScan. HDDScan is a free and portable utility that you can use to diagnose and obtain information about hard drives. It has a surface test, SMART test, monitor hard drive temperature, and also Identity Information that tells you the interface of either PATA or SATA for your hard drive. Just run HDDScan executable file, click the round blue colored icon with a magnifying glass and select Identity Info. At the report it shows PATA or ATA for the interface.

how to check SATA or PATA

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