Detect File Corruption with File Read Test

April 22, 2010 | Filed under Software


Modern computers comes with a very large hard drive space which makes you save and backup even more files on the secondary partition. You may think that keeping the files untouched on the backup partition may be safe but you may never know if they are ever secretly modified or corrupted due to improper shutdown of computer. Manually testing each file for corruption by opening them is very time consuming. One easy method to test all of the backup files whether it is readable or not is by using File Read Test.

File Read Test is a simple and portable application that runs on Java which is able to test the readability of the files on the path that you chosen. It does not tell you if the file is modified and only tells you if the file can be read or not. One example is if your hard drive has started to develop bad sector and if the file is located at the bad sector, the file will not be readable and it will trigger an alert on this program.

Test File Read Corruption

We have tested this tool and it works great. All you need to do is select the drive to test or the path of the file or directory and click the Start Test button. It may not work well on the partition where Windows is installed because it will stop with an error on hiberfil.sys. If the file cannot be accessed or blocked because of permission settings, File Read Test will halt.

Download File Read Test

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