Decrypt and Recover Password in Router Backup File

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Routers are very common nowadays because with only one device, the Internet connection can be shared and computer can be networked without hassle or much configuration. Other than that, routers also provides an extra layer of protection which keeps the computer directly connected to the Internet which gives hacker a better chance of hacking in to the computer. The only problem with using a router is it must be configured correctly to work. Once you have got the configuration right, most router provides an option to backup the configuration to a local computer so you can restore the settings back if you should perform a factory reset.

The backup file contains a lot of important information such as login and password but fortunately they are encrypted to prevent from anyone easily stealing the password information. If you forget your router password or even the login information to your broadband, you can use RouterPassView to decrypt the router backup file to display the login information.

RouterPassView is a free and portable application where you can just load the router backup file either by drag and drop or from the File > Open Router Config File menu. If RouterPasswordView can support the decryption, it will display the login information instantly. Currently only a few router brands and similar models are supported but many routers uses the same chipset which gives the program a wider support for more routers.

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