DamnVid Simultaneously Converts Video As it Downloads

March 25, 2010 | Filed under Audio, Software, Video


There are many video downloaders and all they do is just download the FLV videos from the video sites such as YouTube, Blip, Dailomotion and etc… There might also some with the ability to convert the FLV format to other more compatible video formats such as AVI and WMV. Normally the software would have to download the video first saving it to the local hard drive first then only starts to convert once the download has been completed.

This new video downloader and encoder called DamnVid which we have just discovered is really impressive. It is not just another video downloader and convertor because it is able to do one thing which other video downloads can’t which is the ability to download videos from many different video sites and convert them while it is being downloaded. Video conversion normally takes a while to complete but with this technology of doing it simultaneously, the video would probably finished converting when the download finishes.

Download and Convert video at the same time

All you need to do to start downloading the video is by adding the URL of the video site. Currently it supports blip.tv, break.com, canal+, clubic, collegehumor, crunchyroll, dailymotion, devianart, the escapist, flickr, gametrailers, game videos, google video, ign video, itunes, jeuxvideos, livevideo, megavideo, metacafe, myspace, newsground, onion news network, revver, tm-tube, veoh, vimeo, wat.tv, wegame, youku and youtube. It even monitors clipboard for video URLs so once you’ve copied, the video starts downloading immediately.

DamnVid is free and runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Download DamnVid

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