Customize Windows 7 Installation Setup Disc with 7Customizer

March 11, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows 7


Other than RT Seven Lite which is able to customize the Windows 7 installation disc and to make it unattended, here is a tool called 7Customizer that is still in development. If you have heard about nLite or vLite, 7Customizer is basically the same thing except it works only for Windows 7 both 32bit and 64bit editions and on both English and non English installation sources.

Using 7Customizer, it is possible to integrate more Windows user interface languages instead of the default language that comes with the installation disc. Since Windows 7 has yet to have service pack, it is possible to integrate the hotfixes updates that Microsoft has released so far. You can also integrate new drivers that are not included in Windows 7 so that it will auto install during Windows installation. It is also possible to enable some built-in tweaks that 7Customizer has included. The tweaks are categorized into 5 sections which is Explorer, Start Menu, Taskbar, System and Services. In the unattended part you could automate Windows setup by filling in the appropriate information such as product key, name, agreement acceptance and etc.

Customize Unattended Windows 7

It is advisable to use 7Customizer in Windows 7 itself. XP is supported but requires more complicated steps. WAIK is also required since you need to use ImageX, Dism and Oscdimg from WAIK. Try avoiding any empty white spaces if possible for the location of files. For example, extract 7Customizer to C:\7Customizer instead of C:\Program Files\7Customizer. Notice that there is an empty space after the Program word?

There is a lot of potential for 7Customizer. The developer just requires more time to get those bugs fixed and also implement the to-do list.

Download 7Customizer


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