Customize Folder Pictures and Icons in Windows 7 and XP

April 16, 2010 | Filed under Software


Here is another improvement on Windows 7 which allows you to customize any folder with picture background and also a custom icon. Windows XP can already support this but it does not have an easy way to do it and it has to be done using a hidden desktop.ini file with ExtShellFolderViews data. For Windows 7, to add a picture to the background, simply right click on the Folder and select Properties. Then go to Customize tab, click Choose File to set a picture as the folder background and Change Icon button to change the folder icon to something else.

For Windows XP, it won’t be as easy as Windows 7. However, you can also pretty much do the same similar to Windows 7 by using an application called Custom Folder or Folder Background. We are not sure which is the official name for this application because at the website it mentioned Custom Folder but the software title is Folder Background.

Customize Folder Background

Anyway, to create the desktop.ini which reflects the folder background and icon, run Custom Folder and select the Path that you want to change. Then click on the Picture icon to select the image to set as the folder background. If you want to set a custom color instead, click on the Color button. Finally the Icon button lets you set a custom icon for that folder. Click Save and a desktop.ini will be created.

Download Custom Folder


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