Create Window Driver Pack Auto Installer with Double Driver

April 16, 2010 | Filed under Software


Searching and installing the drivers of devices in computer is the first thing that a person normally does after reformatting a computer and reinstalling a clean version of Windows. Without a working driver, the hardware wouldn’t function at all in Windows. Saving the drivers might be a problem for some people as it is seldom being used. One easy way to backup the current driver to make it into a driver pack auto installer is by using Double Driver.

The newly released Double Driver 4.0 contains a new engine that is faster and dependencies for 7-zip32.dll and msbvm60.dll are removed. The ability to backup non booting Windows’ drivers has been improved. You can plug in the hard drive to a working computer and then use Double Driver to scan for drivers by clicking the Scan Other System button and select the drive of the non live Windows.

Driver Pack Installer

The normal backing up and restoring process is very easy with Double Driver. After launching the program click Backup from the menu and then click the Scan Current System button. By default the third party drivers are selected and clicking the Backup Now button lets you select where to save the drivers and also in what output. The best output that we think would work best is the single file self extract which can auto restore the drivers without running the Double Driver.

Download Double Driver


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  1. Ahmad Saleem says:

    Yeah, I know about it and using it. Nice piece of software.

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