Create Password Reset Disk in Windows 7 to Recover User Login

March 16, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


Elder people tends to forget their password very often. Even after manage to reset their old password, within a day they can forget their new password. This is because they do not have a system of setting different password for every account yet able to remember them. Windows 7 comes with a very useful feature where the user can create a password reset disk to change the password if the user has forgotten the current password to login.

To create the password reset disk, go to Control Panel, click on User Accounts and then on the left pane, click on Create a password reset disk. You will need to insert a USB flash drive to your computer and then click Next. At the next screen, select the drive letter of your USB and click Next. Finally, you will need to enter the current user account password and click Next to finalize the creation of reset disk. When it is done, you will notice that there is a userkey.psw file (2KB in size) at the root of the USB drive.

Create Password Reset Disk Windows 7

When you forget your password to login to your account, at the login screen that is asking for password, click the Reset password link at the bottom of the password box. Insert your USB flash drive containing the userkey.psw file and click Next button. Select the drive of your USB flash drive and click Next. You can now set a new password for the user account replacing the old one.

The good thing about Windows password recovery disk is no matter how many times you have changed your password, you do not need to update the userkey.psw file. That one single file is always valid to reset the password of that particular user account. Do note that this password reset disk only works on the computer and the user account that is used to create this disk.

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