Convert Images into Excel Mosaics with ExcelArt

March 15, 2010 | Filed under Imaging, Microsoft Office


It is possible to import an image file to the Excel by going to Insert > Picture > From File but that picture imported will show as a single picture covering multiple cells. Here is something impressive that can be done on Excel which is to convert bitmaps, jpegs, gifs and png images into colorful mosaics.

ExcelArt makes this easy by clicking the locate image button and browse the image file. Then you get to set the resolution on how many cells will the whole image takes up when it is converted into mosaics. You can also select either to have full color, black and white or sepia. Select which version of Excel that is installed on your computer, either 2007+ or 97-2003 and finally click the Create ExcelArt button.

Take a look at one of the sample excel file created with ExcelArt. As you can see every cells has its own color making a full complete image without using any image file at all.

Create Excel Mosaics art

There is a restriction with this free version of ExcelArt which is it only allows you to create an excel image up to 10,000 cells. If you want to have a clearer resolution, you will have to buy the PRO license which increases the cell limit up to 200,000.

Download ExcelArt

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