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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange. It can be considered to be the second most well know format for document after .doc format. If compared DOC with PDF document, the doc format can be easily edited when a user opens it with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. However as for PDF, most of the time user only installs Adobe Reader to open, view and print the PDF file, and very seldom install the bloated Adobe Acrobat. So in terms of distribution for printing and viewing, PDF format is always the best choice.

To create PDF file, most of the time people will have a word or any kind of document format and then convert it to PDF. The conversion of documents to PDF format is a little different because it does by re-printing the document file to PDF which will create the PDF file. For example, you have a file called zhacks.doc and wants to convert it to zhacks.pdf. All you need to do is open the zhacks.doc with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, go to File and select Print. Then you will need to select the driver that has been installed to convert it to PDF.

FreePDF Convertor Converts document to PDF

A good driver or software that is free which can create PDF from over 300 document format is FreePDF Creator. This app is a freeware version of the shareware PDF Converter Elite 2009 which is able to do much more than converting documents to PDF. To convert documents to PDF, the steps are the same as described above which is to select Print and select “FreePDF Creator” printer. It also includes options to optimize PDF output quality, setting password encryption and also PDF owner information.

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