Continue Using Avira AntiVir v9 Without Updating to v10

March 28, 2010 | Filed under Security, Software


Avira has recently released version 10 for their AntiVir products and they advised everyone to update from the version 9 to 10 because it contains new technology and features to combat against the new generation of viruses. If you have upgraded to v10 because the Avira Updater automatically downloads and installs it but you don’t want it probably there are some problems or you would prefer to wait for a while until a couple of updates to make it more stable.

First thing you should do is uninstall Avira 10 from your computer. You can uninstall it from Control Panel or if it fails, you can use Avira AntiVir Removal Tool. Then download the latest release of Avira AntiVir v9.0.0.418 from OldApps and install it on your computer.

After installation, it is important that you configure the Avira Updater not to download the product updates but still continue to download the virus definition. The instruction is as follow:

1. Press F8, or you can go to Extras > Configuration
2. Check Expert mode
3. Expand General > Update
4. Select Do not download product updates

Avira Disable Product Update

When this option is enabled, no automatic product updates or notifications of available product updates by AntiVir Updater are carried out. Updates to the virus definition file and search engine are carried out independently of this setting. We do not advice you to use the old version when there is a newer one, so make sure you update to version 10 when the compatibility bug has been fixed,

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