Cloud Scan Suspicious File from Desktop with NoVirusThanks Uploader

March 28, 2010 | Filed under Security, Software


When we have an Internet connection, we tend to download a lot of things from the Internet. However we won’t know if the file is dangerous or not unless we have an antivirus. To be honest even having an antivirus can’t really give you a 100% guarantee whether that file is infected or it is clean. To achieve a higher percentage of knowing whether the file is clean or not is by scanning it with multiple antivirus but the main rule is one can not have more than 1 antivirus installed on a computer or else it would cause conflicts.

With NoVirusThanks, we can now upload the suspicious file to the server cloud and have it scanned with 20 different types of antivirus. You can go to the official website of NoVirusThanks and upload the file from there or a better way is to upload it from your computer directly using NoVirusThanks Uploader without visiting the website.

NoVirusThanks Uploader

After installing the uploader, run the program and it allows you to upload any files with a 5MB size limit to NVT cloud scanner. The uploader also comes with a task manager where you can directly upload the running process to NVT. The downloader tab allows you to download the file to your computer and then automatically upload it to NVT server. As an added feature, NVT has added registry startup checks, searching of old files, listing installed drivers and loaded DLLS.

Download NoVirusThanks Uploader

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