Close Multiple Parent Folder Windows Simultaneously

March 28, 2010 | Filed under Windows


Starting from Windows XP, when you open a folder, and continue opening another folder inside it, it is done from the same window without opening another one. This is to prevent from getting too many messy windows being opened in Windows when you want to navigate to a folder that is deep in Windows. You can change that behavior in Control Panel > Folder Options > and at the General tab, Open each folder in the same window or open each folder in its own window.

If you have selected the second one which opens each folder on its own window, by the time you get to the folder you want, you might have a dozen of folders opened. Instead of clicking the X button to close the windows, there is a trick where you can easily close all of them simultaneously.

From the latest child folder that is opened, press the SHIFT key, hold it and then move your mouse cursor to the X button and click on it. You will notice that all parent folders are closed instantly. Remember, this only closes the parent folders and if there are any child folders on what you close with the Shift key, it won’t be closed.

Close Multiple Windows

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