CleanMem Reduces Memory Usage on Process with One Click

April 13, 2010 | Filed under Software


The memory usage of a program running in Windows very much depends on how efficient the programmer writes the code. If the programmer knows how to write a clean and efficient code, the program will end up working faster without taking up more memory usage. For some software such as Firefox, the memory usage for it is fine when you first start to use but as time goes by, all of the sqlite database grows to a very big size and ends up getting slow and taking up hundreds of megabytes of memory. Your computer will start to crawl and get sluggish until you close and reopen the software which fixes the problem temporarily.

There are many ways to reduce the memory usage of processes running in Windows and one of it is by using CleanMem. CleanMem is a state of art software which is free and very lightweight that is able to tell Windows to clean up the memory of process. It does not have all those eye candy interface, in fact it doesn’t even have an interface. The configuration of logging, ignore list and include list is all done from the included text file.

If you do not specify any inclusion or exclusion, CleanMem instructs Windows to clean up the memory usage for all process that is running in Windows. You will see nearly all process instantly drop to few hundred KB after running CleanMem. CleanMem is only 52KB in size and it works using Windows API without pushing the memory to page file like other memory cleaners do. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, & Win7 both 32bit & 64bit.

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