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March 13, 2010 | Filed under Firefox, Privacy


Browser cookies, some people call it HTTP cookie or tracking cookie, are very useful to web surfers because it allows websites to keep track of the users. One very useful feature is you can stay logged in even after you’ve closed your browser, shut down the computer and visit the website again the next day without re-logging in. Some people are worried over cookies not being cleared in their browser because some advertising companies uses it to track the users which sort of invades the user’s privacy.

Most web browsers offers very simple cookie management that allows clearing of the cookies and once you delete the cookies, it deletes them all including the ones that are keeping you logged in. Some temporary file cleaners such as the popular CCleaner is able to maintain a list of cookies that will not be deleted which is good so that you can delete the unnecessary cookies and keep the useful ones.

Firefox can be done the same by installing an extension called selectivecookiedelete. This addon allows you to either remove cookies only from selected sites, or remove all cookies except selected site or simply remove all cookies. After installing the plugin, the only way to access the Selective cookie delete preferences is by clicking on the icon that is on the bottom right of the status bar. The best option to use would be remove all cookies except the following sites. Click the Edit Site List button and choose the cookie for the sites that you want to keep. To automate clearing of cookies, you can enable the automatically remove cookie as per preference when Firefox is closed.

selective cookie delete

Download selective cookie delete


One Response to “Choose Firefox Cookies to Keep and Delete The Rest”
  1. StN says:

    This is not what I want! I want selected cookies to be kept, when I close firefox AND when I use the clear recent history button. With this, recent history clearance still clears all the cookies.

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